Our team.

Our mighty team of 1 founder and 20+ miracle-workers is changing the world one nonprofit at a time. Through our collective vision of unparalleled service and extraordinary passion for nonprofit impact, we’re revolutionizing what it means to do good in the world.

Derik Timmerman

Founder & Managing Partner

Derik Timmerman is the Founder of Sparrow Nonprofit Solutions, a nationwide consulting firm helping nonprofits maximize their world-changing impact. In addition to coaching nonprofit professionals at all levels, Derik is a nationally-recognized speaker and author on a variety of nonprofit subjects including fundraising, grantwriting, and operational excellence. Prior to founding Sparrow, Derik was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company and a US Army Intelligence Officer with two combat deployments to Iraq. Derik earned a Bachelor's of Science degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point, as well as a Masters, PhD, and CFRE certification in fundraising. Derik has a passion for chocolate chip cookies, burning them off on nearby hiking trails with his wife and three boys, and living out his life's core purpose of building factories of hope.

The Four Questions.

Every organization ought to be able to answer four simple questions. Here are our answers.

1) Why do we exist?

To equip nonprofit leaders for world-changing impact.

2) What is a win?

Helping a nonprofit leader to (1) acquire winning mindsets and skills, (2) continuously improve their organization’s systems, and (3) deliver excellence through inspiring leadership and fact-based problem solving.

3) Who are we when we're winning?

Many organizations post values as a nice-sounding list of wish-I-weres. Not Sparrow. These values are core to who we are.


Faith Over Fear

Am I trusting God and seeking answers in His Word?


People Are the Mission

Are people taking precedence over my to-do list?


Learning Is For Life

Am I getting 1% better every single day?


Right Tool For the Right Time

Am I finding or creating what will work best?


Facts Are Our Friends

Is my opinion grounded on evidence and expertise?


Pedal to the Metal

Why tomorrow? Why not today?


Having Fun

Am I taking myself too seriously?

4) How do we win?

In other words, what's our strategy? C'mon, you can't expect us to give up all the goods on our website! That said, if you reach out to ask us, we'll gladly share! ;)