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We value working relationally, infusing the best practices of the for-profit world with compassion, empathy, and heart.


To maximize the world-changing impact of nonprofit leaders.


That all nonprofit founders and leaders would be equipped and encouraged to have far more impact on the world than they ever dreamed possible.


Derik Timmerman

Founder & Managing Partner
Derik Timmerman is the Founder of Sparrow Nonprofit Solutions, a nationwide consulting firm helping nonprofits maximize their world-changing impact. In addition to coaching nonprofit professionals at all levels, Derik is a nationally-recognized speaker and author on a variety of nonprofit subjects including fundraising, grant writing, and operational excellence. Prior to founding Sparrow, Derik was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company and a US Army Intelligence Officer with two combat deployments to Iraq. Derik earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point, as well as a Masters, PhD, and CFRE certification in fundraising. Derik has a passion for chocolate chip cookies, burning them off on nearby hiking trails with his three boys, and living out his life’s core purpose of building factories of hope.

Cassi Ayers

Chief of Staff
Cassi Ayers is Sparrow's Chief of Staff responsible for coordinating the world-changing efforts of a vibrant and growing community of employees, freelancers, and nonprofit leaders. Prior to finding her home at Sparrow, Cassi was a nationally-recognized musician for over two decades, ministry leader in two of the fastest-growing churches in the United States, Chief of Staff to a global leader in health and wellness, and Chief Operating Officer at one of the nation's top B2B marketing firms. As a lived experience expert of childhood and adult trauma, Cassi has experienced firsthand the critical role nonprofits play in lifting survivors out of extreme situations to find hope and healing. Through it all, Cassi has held tightly to her faith and her love of music, both of which she now draws upon to help nonprofit leaders maximize their impact on the lives of others like her.


Many organizations post values as a nice-sounding list of wish-I-weres. Not Sparrow—these values are core to who we are.

The Sparrow Story

My reason for founding Sparrow is simple: I couldn’t stand by and watch so many wonderful people with such incredible causes fall short in realizing their dreams of changing the world. As rewarding as it was advising Fortune 500 senior executives at consulting’s highest levels, there came a moment during my pro bono work with nonprofits when I realized my calling was to walk alongside the cause-driven, the world-changers. Ever since, my God-lit fire has been for helping the world’s biggest hearts, nonprofit founders and leaders, do more than they ever dreamed possible.

But it’s bigger than just me. This is a story of US, a community of world-changers passionate about learning, networking, and supporting one another. In a world that’s growing more cynical and evaluative by the day, nonprofit leaders need an environment rich in kindness, acceptance, and growth. This is what Sparrow Nonprofit Solutions provides, a safe haven where nonprofit leaders are empowered and encouraged to realize their full potential.

We hear it all the time from our clients: “I wish I’d done this consulting engagement with Sparrow Nonprofit Solutions WAY sooner.” From the very first moment they start working with us, our clients benefit from having a trusted advisor with insight to share and a genuine heart for their cause. We invite you to join the vibrant and growing family of nonprofit leaders who have found a lifelong friend in Sparrow.

Because together, anything is possible.

Derik Timmerman
Founder, Sparrow Nonprofit Solutions