How to Use ChatGPT to Maximize Your Nonprofit’s Impact

In the digital age, creating compelling content is essential for any nonprofit looking to make a difference. However, coming up with fresh ideas and engaging …

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How to Run a 2023 Nonprofit Board Retreat

One of the master keys to understanding the inefficacy of many charities is seeing all the ways in which a lack of board engagement can …

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How to Grow Your Nonprofit Like Super Mario

You never would’ve won at Super Mario without knowing the rules. Learn the rules for growing your nonprofit and win. Ever played Super Mario as …

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3 Qualities That Show You’re Ready for a Grant (And What to Do if You’re Not)

How do you know if you’re ready to go for grants? Ask yourself if you possess these 3 qualities. Question. Where are you with your …

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Is Your Nonprofit Grant-Ready?

Before you dive into the deep end of applying for grants, you need a few checkboxes ticked. So, you’ve started a nonprofit with a cause …

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5 Ways to Be a Nonprofit Leader

Want to learn to be a better leader for your organization? Ready to own your title once and for all? Leadership. It’s a quality not …

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Nonprofits Should Sell Things: Why we Should Stop Begging for Bucks and Start Making for Markets

Want to boost funds, give value to both your “donors” and your constituents, and have steady income to support your staff? Start selling things. Imagine …

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7 Keys to Nonprofit Growth

Feeling stuck growing your nonprofit? Good news. There’s a formula for steady growth and big impact. Feeling stuck growing your nonprofit? Maybe you look at …

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Stop Fundraising On-Line (And What To Do Instead)

You can use the internet for growth, but not in the way you think. Ever feel like your fundraising efforts are going nowhere? Maybe this …

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