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More Nonprofit Funding with Grants

There's money in grants, but how do you tap into it? Our fresh approach connects you with foundations that will fund you every year.

So after a full day of work I went to get the mail, I opened up the envelope and there it was, I got a grant of $10,000. I jumped around, I was dancing, and my husband thought I was crazy. He came up and also saw the letter and we were dancing together because it was a confirmation. We were so happy that someone out there believes in our mission, and thanks to EasyGrant, we found them.
Sandra Fader
Founder & CEO

Is Going After Grants Really Worth It?

Ah, seeking nonprofit grant funding. It's like looking for lost treasure without a map on stormy seas full of monsters and pirates. It's no wonder so many nonprofits avoid grants! Does it really make sense to spend precious time and energy navigating through a mortgage-like application process just to hope and pray you say the magic right thing?

And the grant application content itself, ugh. You spend hours squeezing your organization's entire mission, vision, impact, and future plans into 200 characters all while generating a level of enthusiasm that would make Blackbeard blush. And after all that, you still might not get funded!?

But hey, there's a glimmer of hope on these high seas. When that grant approval letter finally arrives, you do a victory dance that would make even Davey Jones join in. So why not team up with your own personal Captain Jack Sparrow and embrace the adventure of nonprofit grant seeking?

Why Derik Timmerman?

  • Top Rated: America's best nonprofit executive coach and expert
  • For-Profit Background: 6+ years as a global McKinsey & Company consultant and facilitator to top executives of Fortune 500 companies
  • Nonprofit Expertise: 20+ years working on staffs and boards of nonprofits of all sizes and causes
  • Grants Experience: Deep understanding of research/writing for family, corporate, and federal grants
  • First-Hand Fundraising: Certified fund raising executive (CFRE) and experienced fundraiser of $12m+
  • Practical Coaching: Believes your time is too valuable to waste, helping you prioritize the right grant-seeking steps every week
  • People-First Approach: Puts the WHO/WHY before the HOW, focusing on how to connect person-to-person with grant decision-makers

Recent studies find that only about 20% of nonprofits actively engage in relationship-building efforts with grant funders.

How ItWorks

Three months into EasyGrant--after one free trial month and two monthly fees--I received a letter in the mail from a family foundation to let us know we'd been awarded a $10,000 grant. That one grant is enough to pay for EasyGrant for another 8.5 years. To any founder, ED, development director, or board who may be on the fence about this investment, I can't help but ask... At this low cost per month, what in the world are you waiting for!?
Shelby D.
Executive Director

Our Approach

Wouldn’t it be nice to have $40,000 – $100,000 in grant awards coming in? Every single year? With minimal effort and no strings attached?

We KNOW your nonprofit has at least FIVE foundations who would eagerly support your world-changing work every single year. Even if your nonprofit is already receiving grants, our experience is that you have at least FIVE eager-to-give foundations you're not yet working with.

Introducing EasyGrant®, the only grant writing solution of its kind in the nonprofit world. Our expert team, 1) Writes a 2-3 page letter of inquiry tailored to your nonprofit and proven to win grant awards; 2) Finds the TOP FIVE family or corporate foundations likely to fund you every year; 3) Gives you the best next step to take every week to build a long-term relationship with that funder and apply on their decision timeline; and 4) Revises your list of TOP FIVE candidate funders as we win grants and learn more together.

What to Expect on a Weekly Basis?

Application content. We'll put grant application content for prospective funders--including tailored letters of inquiry and exact wording for online applications--in a secure cloud-based folder accessible only by your development team.

Personalized email. Call us old-fashioned, but we believe the best client service can't be automated. We write out an email to you every week guiding you on how to spend that week's "EasyGrant hour." In just one hour each week, you'll be taking significant leaps forward cultivating relationships with funders.

Continuous improvement. As with anything pertaining to fundraising, learning and adaptation is key. That means celebrating and building on the wins, and also taking away key lessons from the misses. And every step of the way, we'll provide articles, tools, and resources that help us become a more effective grant-seeking team.

Research shows that around 30% of nonprofits have never actively pursued grant funding opportunities.

Grant-Seeking Myths

Some of the biggest misconceptions in nonprofit fundraising are about the difficulties around grant-seeking. With Sparrow, you really can do this.

We were pretty new to grants when we found EasyGrant and figured it was affordable enough to give it a try for a few months. Even when that first $6,000 grant came in, I thought it might have just been a lucky win. Now after 4 months with EasyGrant, we've won 3 grants worth a total of $12,500 from foundations that will probably fund us in future years also! To any nonprofits out there considering EasyGrant, you can't afford NOT to do this!
Cristina L.
Development Director

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